A relative newcomer in the online conferencing market is Fuze Meeting from FuzeBox. Its web conferencing tools have hit the ground running. This online conference service is designed to work on any platform, from Windows and Linux to Mac operating systems. On mobile devices, it is compatible with Apple and Android devices. The interface is one of the most attractive displays we have seen for virtual meeting software and is almost beyond compare. The emphasis on HD video and images will assist you in making your company look credible and professional the next time you host an online conference.

Fuze Meeting uses Flash on browsers, but it also works on an iPad. In fact, one of Fuze's major strengths is its feature set for mobile use. While using a tablet, for example, you can both participate in and host meetings. Many competitors' products don't allow you to host a presentation from a mobile device. While using a tablet for web meetings, you are allowed to upload PowerPoint presentations, embed videos and images, and save them to your Fuze Meeting content library.

Though this service is browser based, users still need to download a one-time installation to view a conference. The application will then only run as smoothly as each user's bandwidth allows it to. Participants with narrow network bandwidth may struggle with lag time and choppy video.

To review meetings or to provide a missed meeting to an absent member, you simply check Publish a Fuze Meeting Replay Link to This Meeting, and the service will create a password-protected, time-limited link that will provide access to the meeting. The replay includes comments, markup, graphics and content, but it does not support modifications. You can set the link to remain active for a specific number of hours, days, weeks or even months.

Fuze Meeting offers a good set of sharing tools. First, we like how simple it is to add content at any time – before, after or during a meeting. As the moderator, you have the chance to lead your audience through internet websites with ease. You also have the opportunity to use the whiteboard, which comes with marking tools such as text, arrows, geometric shapes and sticky notes. You can easily change the font color and size, and erase markings.

All tools are extremely easy to use. We rarely had to consult the help pages for assistance in creating or joining meetings, accepting attendees, beginning chat conversations, adding content, editing images and doing other basic conferencing procedures.

This meeting service has a great video tool that can display a variety of video file types, including HD video. If you record a meeting, you can have it backed up to your Fuze archive or save it on your computer. You can also zoom in and add text, arrows, shapes and notes to the video. This service can display FLV, MOV, WMV and MP4 video files. We viewed the sample HD video clip and found it quite impressive.

In terms of images, Fuze can support JPEG, PNG, TIF, BMP and GIF image file types. However, it lacks a multi-point video display and an adjustable frame rate. The frame rate is automatically adjusted by the application. It should be noted that when you host a video conference, there is no option to broadcast by webcam. To do that, you will need to go outside of Fuze and download Skype. Once you have installed it, Skype will run side by side with Fuze, but it's a shame that webcam broadcasting doesn't come standard.

This web conferencing service can also play audio files. We added an audio file in the middle of a meeting and it worked perfectly. Fuze online meetings can load and play MP3 and WAV audio files.

Fuze Meeting provides great protection. All transactions are encrypted using a 128-bit encryption protocol. The service is compatible with most firewalls and works with all browser types. Even meeting replays are password protected.

Fuze Meeting web conferencing provides excellent support. We spoke with representatives on the phone and corresponded via email, and we found them extremely helpful and quick to respond. The company also posts online FAQs and other support information. You can access a user manual through the service, and the company provides a few systematic guides for things such as hosting and attending meetings, and guides for using Fuze with a smartphone.

You can contact Fuze Meeting by email, chat or telephone for customer support. There is both toll and toll-free telephone support.

FUZE Meeting Summary:

Fuze Meeting web conferencing service allows you to create meetings almost instantly. It also offers a great set of features that will help your conferences run smoothly, such as the whiteboard markup tools. Because it uses 128-bit encryption, you can be sure that your meetings are safe and secure. Those who need to prepare meetings on the go using a mobile device will appreciate the ability to do so with Fuze.

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FUZE Meeting

The interface is slick and professional looking.

The quality of the service relies on each user's bandwidth.

The Verdict
: 7.88/10

If you regularly host meetings on a tablet, Fuze Meeting is a fantastic service to use.